Select Unlimited, Direct to Direction!

“The coordination and transportation of products between two locations using one or more carriers through air, sea, rail, or land is known as Freight Forwarding.”

As your clearing and forwarding agency, CGF assumes the duty of moving freight on your behalf. From pick-up through delivery, we provide our associated service and we offer this process by all forms of transportation (air, sea and land). Every facet of the paperwork, customs clearance, and delivery is controlled and skillfully coordinated throughout this procedure. Our clearance team comes with 20 years of experience handling import and export operations.


Specialized Guidance - We support you on a range of logistics-related costs (such as freight costs, port costs, consular fees, documentation costs, insurance costs, cost of goods, custom clearance costs, and charges) encountered during the exporting process.
Propose Solution - After researching the nature of your goods, we recommend you with the most efficient shipping path.
Represent - We then act on your behalf to reserve cargo space on vessels, aircraft, railroads and trucks for your goods.
Assume Responsibility - We handle and take full charge of the movement of your cargo to your intended location.


“With Our Extensive Developed Service Range, CGF Provides You with Multiple Transportation and Logistics Options. Our Experts are Eager to Fulfill Your Needs, Regardless of Huge or Tiny Numbers, Enormous Weights or Intricate Specifications which Offer You "UNLIMITED SELECTION, DIRECT to DIRECTION”