Extending Business Opportunities!

“Contract logistics refers to the outsourcing of a company's resource management responsibilities to a different business that focuses on logistics-related affairs like shipping, warehousing, and order fulfillment.”

CGF handles the end-to-end supply chain planning on your company's behalf. Designing and appointing warehousing facilities, infrastructure, product distribution and transportation, inventory management, order processing and even payment collection are all part of this process. We have experience in various logistical tasks, including network analysis, route optimization, warehousing, conforming to legal standards and many more logistical demands spanning numerous industries.

It is necessary to comprehend contract logistics principles and how they might help your business because they can become a significant part of your supply chain management. Choosing your right contract logistics partner has the following benefits, among others:


Cost Reduction - We help save time and your financial outlay with our expertise and available resources. This helps lower the cost per order and improves your cost optimization.
Improved IT and Infrastructure Capabilities – When you choose to manage these activities internally, you will need to construct the necessary warehousing space, IT systems and resources, which a contract logistics company, already has IT in place to help your logistics operations.
Enhanced Efficiency - As we become your logistics partner and handle every step of your supply chain, your operational efficiency would be improved, enhancing operating costs and resource enhancement.
Greater Flexibility – We would be more willing to adjust in response to shifts in supply and demand offering freedom to scale as we diverge resources among projects.
VAS and Documentation - In addition to managing all logistics operations, a third-party organization sets itself apart by offering value-added services like labeling, assembly, packing and stock-keeping reports. We do this with our dedicated team to make it seamless for you, which is probably a minuscule aspect yet an essential process.


CGF Provides Integrated Services that Include Housing, Distribution, Last-Mile Delivery and Order Fulfillment for Both B2B and B2C Clients. Utilizing Our Skilled Team and WMS system, which is An Absolute Delight Compound, We Can Manage Both Conventional and e-Commerce Customers "EXTENDING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES."